People do business with people. If those people, in small, medium and large corporate businesses work together, as a community, their businesses thrive.

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What Our Members Say

TBC Enfield has introduced me to many local business owners, as well as introducing me to other business networks in my area that opened up many new opportunities for my business. Also, Jodie Perkins herself is super supportive to members and a great connection to the business community in Enfield.
Sabi Kozz, Designer
I would like to give a shout out to Jodie Perkins from the Enfield Business Community. Jodie is always giving you support and encouraging you in your business. The online format and posts make you feel welcome and give a great community spirit with professionalism. The customer experience I have has been exceptional.
Sharon Davidson, Graphic Designer
I want to blab about Jodie Perkins and our Enfield Business directory, her customer service is amazing, I have and still am part of other online groups and the work Jodie puts in stands out. Thank you Jodie for the Enfield Business Community welcome. I wasn't expecting anything and I seem to be receiving all sorts on line and off, so glad I joined. My other business deals with customer experience and I have to say you are ticking All boxes.
Rosy Holt, The Athena Network
From the first Jelly I attended to now, the Businesses Community - Enfield has continually provided business related support in a friendly yet professional manner. Being a member of this Community is a valuable conduit for any small business in Enfield, and the crossover links with the other regions for business support are really helpful too. The format across the week from Magnet Monday to Shop Local Saturday are useful forums to communicate with others and to challenge yourself to interact in a different way to what you maybe used to. I love being a part of this team (#itsateamthing) and look forward to continuing my association in the future.