An amazing adventure

Posted on by Cori Josias of Arbonne

Four years ago, I decided to leave my husband of 20 years. Setting out on my own at the age of 58 was painful and scary, but I knew deep down things could not continue as they were.

There is an old saying, “jump and the net will appear”. As it happened, I reconnected with a long lost friend who had started her own business with a company called Arbonne. I was highly sceptical. I knew nothing about business, and frankly, I had no intention of starting one.

I had already built two successful careers, one as a pop singer touring the world and appearing on national TV and the other as a teacher working with deaf babies and toddlers. However, I knew that neither of these was going to pay my bills and give me the life I desired, so after thinking it over, I decided to write to my friend and say, “Hey, can you teach me?”

I’ve since realised that I was very lucky to stumble on a whole new world of female go-getters, building a great life. More importantly, I realised how much I wanted to help others do the same. I’m passionate about enabling women to fulfil their dreams, step by step, inch by inch. So many of us are chained to our desks or relying on our husband’s pay cheque like I was. I’m forever grateful to the friend who taught me a new way of thinking. I’m passionate about helping as many women as possible to find joy in their own ability. I have found the best community with the smartest women who have the most fun. We are trailblazers, star reachers and bridge builders.

If I did it, so can you. Don’t let fear stop you from being the best you can be. Let’s talk!