From work , to family, to Parents In Biz!

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Parents in Biz platform is a platform designed to equip parents who are small business owners with everything they need to navigate the business and family tightrope. The types of parents I generally work with are those that are just starting up in business and parents who are running a business. However, parents who are self-employed and freelance also find the website useful.

Some of the resources parents have access to are the Parents in Business Magazine, online community hub, directory, blog, podcast, courses, inspirational interviews, business resources we also offer small challenges such as the self-care and productivity challenges.

The primary motivation for me in setting up my business was for flexibility around my family. I have 5 children, and throughout my business journey, my children have gone through all the stages of child development baby, toddler, pre-schooler, school age, teenagers, and young adulthood.

I actually started my first business 10 years ago in telecommunications. I then went onto setting up and running a business within the fashion industry with my partner. I founded Parents in Biz in 2017, so I could work with parents who had the desire to start a business and parents who are running a business and want to grow their business. I wanted to use my experience of business and motherhood, to support and empower parents to manage the tightrope of running a business and having harmony at home.

I love every aspect of Parents in Biz! I love the 1-2-1 work I do with parents. I enjoy supporting parents who are business owners; it gives me joy that I have created a platform that promotes small business owners.

I have interviewed over 100 parents, and each story is inspiring. I really enjoy hearing about how parents came up with their business ideas and the challenges that they have overcome.

Thanks for reading 🙂