How it all began…

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My story begins a long, long time ago!  Back in 2001 when I was a young and impressionable lass, I started working at a Marketing Communications agency in Enfield under the guidance of the fabulous Sue Wybrow (who is now Chief Legwarmer Wearer at Popdance, and Founder of The Businesses Community).  Over the years we became great buddies, and in 2009 when she left to start her Popdance empire, Sue said to me ‘one day Perky, we’ll work together again…’

Fast forward to 2017, and I’d continued a career within Marketing and Client Services for a VERY long time, and in April had a gorgeous little daughter.

This was my chance… do I go back to work in a normal 9-5, or take a gamble and do something for myself?  Sue had started the St Albans Businesses Facebook group and created a website, and she offered me the wonderful opportunity to take the model and start the same for Enfield Businesses.  So here I am, building relationships in a wonderful Facebook community (which continues to grow all the time) and we now have this fantastic The Businesses Community website.  I love that I am doing something to help other local Enfield businesses, and our website is a great platform for them to help promote themselves to the world… and that is just the start of it!  There are BIG plans in the pipeline, and with the help and support of the fabulous people I have met on the journey, I know the sky’s the limit!

Watch this space… very exciting things to come for all Enfield businesses, and it’s just the beginning for The Businesses Community! The best part of it is, I get to work around doing what I love best… spending time with my gorgeous daughter!

Jodie x