To Zinfinity, and beyond!

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Hello Fabulous People. My business is called Zinfinity. I’m a designer-maker of fabulously quirky inclusive jewellery and creative workshops.

Many people ask where the name Zinfinity came from. It’s quite simple; I love words and meanings and liked the idea of infinite beauty and infinite happiness but infinity has been used a lot. ‘Z’ is still a very under-used letter and being called Zoe, the ‘Z’ went on the front and it became Zinfinity.

I’m all about the happy. I wanted to have a business where I could keep to my morals such as trying to be environmentally friendly, not using leathers, paying proper wages etc. I wanted to be freely creative and bring joy to people. So that is what I did.

I like to play with designs and make more than just the norm. I specialise in inclusive jewellery, this is jewellery that fits your body and your needs so you feel as fabulous as you are. There is something special about jewellery that makes us feel happy, We can feel pride wearing jewellery, a tiny piece can hold so much emotion within it making it far more precious than it’s core materials.

Collections such as Sensations is where I use genuine Braille with motivational words such as fortitude and fabulous, magnetic clasps so you can put your jewellery on by yourself or one-handed. Pieces stimulate the senses such as jewellery that holds scent or stimulate emotion. ‘Connect’ is an elegant solid silver cable tie which represents our connection to ourselves and each other. My collection ‘Made with Love’ has smiles. I based them on that smile where we think of something funny and smile to ourselves and that smile people who truly know each other give. Inspiration is everywhere.

While I do carry a small amount of stock, most of what I do is make to order. That way my creations fit you. You choose colour, size, length, stone etc and I make it for you within your budget so you are happy.

Zinfinity isn’t just about jewellery. I also run creative workshops for all ages and abilities which I love love love. After I got my BH hons in Applied & Media Arts, I got my teaching qualification. Like my jewellery I design workshops allowing for all needs. I work to budgets, numbers, subjects etc to make sure everyone has fun and learns. These can be for community groups, individuals, parties, festivals or for small groups who want to have fun and try something different. I always bring a wide variety of materials to stimulate the imagination, so many people joke that it looks like I’m moving house when I teach.

After fifteen years of business I still love what I do and find inspiration everywhere and great joy when I teach or someone wears my jewellery.

Thanks for reading. Stay fabulous.