Feature in Inform Magazine – Enfield

Want to get your business, product, service or event in front of thousands in the Enfield area?

Then Inform Magazine is perfect for you!

The current issue is out now!

The digital magazine:

  • goes directly to inboxes to people in Enfield and the surrounding areas via our database

  • goes to thousands via our social media channels, instagram, twitter, facebook

  • resides on The TBC Enfield website for future reference

  • has live, clickable links to that readers can click straight through to you directly

  • has the option to feature video within the magazine

  • is totally measurable – we can tell how many people read the magazine, how long they spend reading it and how many click through

  • you can measure via your google analytics

  • gets your business in front of a ready made, active and engaged audience

  • keeps everyone up to date with being a monthly magazine

  • is promoted constantly across each month