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Inform Magazine is all about bringing news, stories, tips, information, events, products, services, jobs and opportunities to the people across Enfield

Get involved – here’s some ideas of how you can get involved

Local Food and Drink Recipes

Do you run a bar, restaurant, café, take-away or hotel in the Enfield area?

Send us a recipe for food or drink, along with a photo of the dish or drink your venue, you or your team and a link to where people can contact you, order or book with you – and we will do the rest.

We will feature your recipe in Inform Magazine which goes to thousands of local people!

What’s On Trend?

Do you provide a product, service or events in the Enfield area where you can share what’s “On Trend”?

Whether it’s the latest drink that everyone’s having, to the next big fashion must have, to what’s great for the home currently.

Send details, images and a call to action to us for Inform Magazine

5 Questions We Asked An Enfield Business

Simply answer the 5 famous questions, send us accompanying images and a call to action link and we will do the rest

What made you start your own business?

What does your business offer its customers?

What kind of customers are you looking for?

Are there any types of businesses you would like to collaborate with?

What’s the toughest part of running your business?

What piece of advice would you give to another business owner?

Young Entrepreneur

Do yu know any young entrepreneurs that have a story to tell? Are you a young entrepreneur?

Tell us what your business is all about and why you started it and we will feature you in Inform Magazine

Did you know?

Do you have an interesting fact about Enfield – we want to know

Sustainability Tip

What could you share with thousands of people across Enfield that could help us all be a bit more sustainable and eco friendly?

Raving Reviews

Have you had a great experience with a local business? We want to know about it – share your raving review with thousands across Enfield

New Businesses

Have you, or someone you know, recently started their own business? Share your story and tell thousands about your new venture

Are you celebrating a business anniversary?

Have you reached a milestone in your business? Perhaps it’s your 1st Anniversary, or your 100th – share your special date with thousands across Enfield

How To

Share a skill with thousands of people across Enfield – whether it’s how to change a plug, to how to do the latest dance moves – let’s all learn from each other

Local Charities

Tell us about a charity that you know, or a charity you work for – all charities get FREE membership with TBC, plus we can run a feature about your in Inform Magazine – simply get in touch for more details

Local Sport

Whether it’s football, dance, gym, yoga, hockey, swimming, you name it, we want to know about it – tell us what sports you love to do, or what sports you offer


Do you have a job vacancy, or are you looking for a particular job?

Submit the details and we will feature them in Inform Magazine

Spot the TBC Window Sticker

If you spot one of the TBC Window Stickers whilst you are out and about – whether it’s in a shop, office or car window – take a photo and send it to us – you could win a prize!

Enfield History

We love to know about history in Enfield – from bars you used to drink in, to the first ever cash machine at Barclays Bank – share your history knowledge with us all

Have you met…

We all know that people buy from people – and the more we know about people, the more we build the know, like and trust – get in touch to let us know about people that we should all meet

Clubs and Societies – let’s get social

Do you belong to a club, or run a club – tell us about it

Local Talent

Are you, or do you know, amazing local talent?

From bands, to authors, from jugglers to chefs – we want to share their talents across Enfield

Show us a product!

Simply send us a photo of your product, a simple sentence saying what it is, how much it is and a where people can buy it from and we will do the rest

Don’t hang around – send your submission or get in touch to find out more at

Limited spaces per issue – so get in there quick!

Completely FREE to submit