Jelly BeansWhat is a Jelly?

The concept of a Jelly started in New York in February 2006 when a group of friends realised they loved working from home, but missed the creative brainstorming, sharing and camaraderie of being in a traditional office.  So, one day a week they started inviting friends round to work from their home – which gave them the best of both worlds.  They got the quietness that comes with working on your own, mixed with one day a week working alongside new and interesting people – with their new and interesting ideas and conversations.    They made it a regular thing… and the Jelly was born.  Apparently it was called “Jelly” as there were Jelly Beans at the first New York gathering.

The Enfield Jellies

Jelly Web Launch

Everyone is welcome at a Jelly.  It’s FREE for TBC (The Businesses Community) members, and just £5 to non members.

We are always amazed at what goes on in terms of business collaborations at the Jellies, and the generosity of those people there who are happy to share their skills and expertise with whoever is attending.   There is absolutely no commitment involved in attending – just come and say hello.

When and Where?

Jellies are online and we have joined forces with our “sister” communities, Bedfordshire and St Albans.




Jelly dates

All sessions run from 10am – 11am

FREE to TBC members –

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 871 1783 4958
Passcode: 399183


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  • Thursday 15th Jul
  • Thursday 12th Aug
  • Thursday 16th Sep
  • Thursday 14th Oct
  • Thursday 18th Nov
  • Thursday 16th Dec – festive jelly


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