Jelly BeansWhat is a Jelly?

The concept of a Jelly started in New York in February 2006 when a group of friends realised they loved working from home, but missed the creative brainstorming, sharing and camaraderie of being in a traditional office.  So, one day a week they started inviting friends round to work from their home – which gave them the best of both worlds.  They got the quietness that comes with working on your own, mixed with one day a week working alongside new and interesting people – with their new and interesting ideas and conversations.    They made it a regular thing… and the Jelly was born.  Apparently it was called “Jelly” as there were Jelly Beans at the first New York gathering – which is why we have these little treats for any ‘Jelly Virgins’ that come to their first Jelly with us!

The Enfield Jellies

Jelly Web Launch

ANYONE can come to a Jelly.  Nearly all the people who attend the Enfield Jelly are from local businesses.  It’s FREE –  just bring your laptop and pay for you own food & drink as you go.

We are always amazed at what goes on in terms of business collaborations at the Jellies, and the generosity of those people there who are happy to share their skills and expertise with whoever is attending.   There is absolutely no commitment involved in attending – just come and say hello.  Stay for an hour or the whole session, it’s up to you.

We find that lots of people who come to the Jelly are working parents who need to do the school runs.  They’re perfect for anyone who can’t do the early morning or evening networking events as they have family commitments.

When and Where?

Our Jellies are held at Tailor Made Living (the new name for Tinker Tailor) in Bush Hill Park, on the second Thursday of every month.   It’s conveniently located near to Bush Hill Park train station, near the bus stops for the 192, 377, 217 and 231… plus there is parking outside (NOTE – there are parking restrictions in force between 1pm – 2pm only, hence why we finish at 1pm!)

There’s no need to book… just bring plenty of business cards and a smile 🙂

Enfield Jelly dates at Tinker Tailor, from 10.30am – 1pm

  • Thursday 13th February
  • Thursday 12th March
  • Thursday 9th April
  • Thursday 14th May
  • Thursday 11th June
  • Thursday 9th July
  • Thursday 13th August
  • Thursday 10th September
  • Thursday 8th October
  • Thursday 12th November
  • Thursday 10th December


Even more jellies are available to you! You are very, very welcome to join us at the jellies in St Albans and London Colney. Here’s all the info. Jelly Babies are FREE to all TBC members

The next jelly baby is THIS FRIDAY 31st January and is co-working, networking and biz chat as well as a visit from Caroline Syson of Pocket PA who will be sharing her amazing app and showing us how it helps you to manage your business finances, appointments, sms texts, invoicing and payments without a card reader!  Find out more and book today – we’d love to see you