Our Story

A long time ago, 2 ladies shared an office in Enfield. They were called Jodie and Sue. They became great friends and although, after a while, they didn’t share an office any more, they kept in touch. When Sue accidentally started her own business, Jodie was one of the first people to help that business grow.

As well as running her own business, Sue also started the St Albans Businesses community – read Sue’s story. When the time came for the Businesses Community to expand, Jodie was the only lady for the job. So in 2017, with a newborn daughter in one hand and her laptop in the other, Jodie started Enfield Businesses (now The Businesses Community Enfield – TBC Enfield).

Enfield currently has a thriving Facebook group, regular co-working monthly Jellies and plenty of things in the pipeline. This is only the first chapter of the Enfield story… it’s definitely to be continued.