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 Savi Tailor


#shoplocal #noqueuehere

A friend of mine just got in touch with me as she is desperate for some supplies and the virtual queue at Boots is 98,189 people 😩🙈

So this here post is just a little reminder that if it is:

* immune support you’re after…I GOT IT
* vitamins for you and the kids… I GOT IT
* hand soap (that won’t dry your skin out)… I GOT IT
* creams to soothe your sore hands… I GOT IT
* toothgels, deodorant etc…I GOT IT

You can shop on my website and there won’t be a queue.

Pop me a DM or call me and I will advise what’s best for whatever you’re trying to address.

Be well and shop local ❤️❤️❤️