2020 – the year for YOU!

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As we go into a new decade!!!!, are there things that you really want to do?


So what’s stopping you?




But you may need some help!


Hypnotherapy is a different way of approaching things. Whether that be anxieties, habits you want to break, fears, phobias or even helping with giving birth!


Bridgette can help with all aspects of what is affecting your life and stopping you from being the person you want to be or doing the things you want to do. She will have a chat with you about what you need help with, how she can help and how hypnotherapy works.


It’s very relaxed, simple to understand and all about giving you the right mindset to achieve your goals.


Have an informal chat with Bridgette, book in a session and get your 2020 going the way you want it to be!


Email Bridgette at bridgette@123relax.co.uk


Bridgette is based in Grange Park, N21 and has been helping people to reach their goals for over 10 years! Bridgette is completely approachable, non-judgemental and can help you to change your thoughts, behaviours and habits into positive ones.


Enjoy the next decade!