5 Questions We Asked An Enfield Business – Reel Movie Magic Studios

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We love getting to know the people behind the business in Enfield, we caught up with James and Richard at Reel Movie Magic Studios to find out more about how they help businesses in the area:


1.Hi guys, what prompted the start of Reel Movie Magic Studios?

James and I used to work together as teachers at the same primary school where we met. While we were there, we forged an interest in film-making and created some films within the school involving both the staff and the children. On 2 occasions we created films for Comic Relief which both helped to raise several thousands of pounds for the charity. We really saw the power of film-making and how it can really make people happy and change lives.

When we left the school we began a business, initially with the idea of doing film-making parties for children. This then led to children’s film-making clubs. During Lockdown we discussed how we thought the business should evolve. We both still had a passion for film-making but realised that with the current climate and with social distancing that film-making with children may not be such a viable option. So now we run a video production company with the main goal of creating films to help promote and advertise small businesses. We also offer video editing services. We know that times are tough and many businesses may go under so we want to help them and we offer our services at very affordable costs. We’ve already done some free advertising films for local businesses such as Eat Live and Teddy Tastic to help out as well as build up our client base and portfolio.


2.What does your business offer its customers? 

Both James and I are very passionate about what we do and want to give the customer the absolute best experience and best film that we can. That may sound quite obvious because you would think that all businesses would be anxious to do this but from what we’ve seen, this doesn’t always seem to be the case. We want to put the customer first and really want to collaborate and take on board their ideas and listen to what they’d like from a film as well as offering our own advice. We feel that we offer a very personalised service and that we go that extra mile for our clients.


3.What kind of customers do you work with? And are there any types of businesses you collaborate well with?

People who are interested in making a video advertisement but mostly small businesses. I’d say people more than businesses. People who understand the importance of video advertising and understand the importance of a community and occasionally give something back to it.


4.What’s the toughest part of running your business? 

At the moment and in the position we’re in, it’s definitely getting clients.


5.What piece of advice could you give to another business owners? 

Keep learning about your business and keep growing. Be passionate about what you do.


Take a look at Reel Movie Magic Studios facebook page for many of their advertising videos here

If you’d like to chat with James and Richard about a potential video for your business, or to simply find out more – then here’s their contact details.

Contact James and Richard via email at reelvideoevents@gmail.com or by ringing direct on 07956 958969. Visit their facebook page here or check them out on Instagram