March Challenge – Kate Kardooni

Posted on by Kate Kardooni of Executive Coach and Accountant

So interesting facts about me…

I’m married to an ex Leicester Tigers Rugby Player, Aadel Kardooni, who was the scrum half back in the late 80s and 1990s.  He says he was the first famous Aadel, before Adele the singer, although if you ask Alexa who Aadel Kardooni is it tells me he was a singer born in Tottenham!

As a result of his rugby playing days, we have lots of semi “famous” friends, including Martin Johnson the 2003 Rugby World Cup winning captain.  He attended our wedding in 2002, and my auntie in South Africa has a picture of her and him from the day rather than one of me!

I also took part in a 200 mile charity run from Devon to Twickenham with Johno’s wife 7 years ago… after the run was completed, I went on the pitch at half time during a 6 Nations game, and met Prince Harry! Ed Stafford was also one of the runners on the challenge (of Amazon adventures and 60 Days on the streets of London fame!)

One of the soldiers who also took part won several Golds at the Invictus Games last year!


Kate Kardooni