Edmonton stands united to tackle racism

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The ‘Three Kings’ (Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho) have appeared in Edmonton Green Shopping Centre in a bold statement piece to unite youth within local communities.

Being inspired by the incidents during the Euros, local graffiti artist Simon from Blingwear, felt it was his duty to help his local community and create the piece within Edmonton Green Shopping Centre.

Simon said, “When communities stand together, amazing things happen. This wasn’t about art for me but a symbol of unity and to encourage young people today to remain united. This was the only thing I could do.

“I wanted to do my bit to inspire and support our local community. Since we’ve completed it, I already feel like we’ve achieved what we set out to do. We wanted to create a movement. I’ve seen it being posted on social media and people talking about it. People are even coming into Edmonton just to see it. That was the aim. We are now looking to create similar pieces in Tottenham and Wood Green. This isn’t about stopping racism in football but once and for all.”

Simon, who has always lived in the local area (Edmonton, Tottenham and Wood Green) works with young people and is well known amongst them locally. With what was happening in the media and knowing the youth culture of today, Simon wanted to make a statement to do his bit to help and leave a legacy for young people.

Simon, alongside another Blingwear artist Gnasher, transformed the blank canvas near the North Mall car park into something inspirational with a very strong message to support not only this generation but those to follow.

Rebecca Bird, Retail Manager at Edmonton Green Shopping Centre, said, “In light of the online abuse and racist insults aimed at some of the England football players the talented duo has created a very inspiring mural for the community to enjoy and reflect.


“When Simon approached us to create the work, we were more than happy to support and stand together on this. It is a very strong image with an equally powerful message.”


The duo seemed to have created quite a storm and they were met by several passers-by who showed their appreciation for the talent and message behind the piece.


It’s for all to see so pop down and have a look. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Pop it on your socials tagging us and using the hashtags #3kings #stopracism #bunracism.