Enfield’s Big Green Climate Festival!

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Enfield’s Big Green Climate Festival!


What’s happening at Enfield Climate Action Forum’s Big Green Climate Festival this September? Litter picking; organised walks in local parks and along the New River; live theatre and music; organic wine and food tasting; intergenerational discussions on climate change; coffee in the Mosque, a youth showreel video; writer’s workshops and poetry. Online webinars, bike rides, tree planting and much much more.


But not just that we are also working with local businesses as well many who want to reduce their carbon footprint but need help to know how. So with Enterprise Enfield we will be running two online events that discuss how businesses can can become more green and a consultant will give his time free at one of our events to demonstrate how we can all measure our carbon footprint.


Part of the Climate Coalition’s national Great Big Green Week, Enfield is launching its very own Big Green Climate Festival between the 18th and 26th September


In November (during COP26) world leaders will be meeting in Glasgow to decide the next steps to tackle climate change. This is probably the most critical meeting of the year. If we fail to agree on a climate strategy, the future for our children and grandchildren is bleak.


Enfield Climate Action Forum (EnCaf) is supporting the Climate Coalition’s nationwide festival to highlight the climate emergency and put pressure on world leaders to act. More than 100 groups in the borough have expressed an interest in being involved, and are keen to come together and make a difference.


The festival will also be a chance for local groups to showcase their activities and concerns for a sustainable Enfield. Two of our MPs have agreed to support the festival and will join a meeting at Southgate College together with the Climate Coalition to talk about the importance of COP26 and what it must achieve.


On September 25th, we will be joining the United Reform Churches to hold a special one-day event at the United Reformed Church on Chase Side, with stalls, entertainment and many other activities. And on the final day September 26th we will be holding a meeting on the Edmonton Incinerator and how this will impact on the climate change agenda.


We’re beginning to get schools involved, to showcase the work they’ve been doing to protect the environment and to express their concern about climate change. And the young people from EnCaf Youth will join the Over 50’s Forum to discuss how climate change will have an impact across generations.


Many organisations are still joining and we hope to have almost 70 different events throughout the days of the festival.


You can keep up to date with the events being arranged by visiting www.encaf.org/climatefestival. And if you or your organisation want to take part, please let us know at emergency@encaf.or