Popdance Celebrate 10 Years Of Popdancing

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What started out as just a hobby for me, ended up becoming a business and a major part of my life.

I worked in marketing and had a market research, advertising and TV background and simply wanted to go to a dance class having had my 2 sons, and have a bit of “me” time learning dance routines to Pop music.

There wasn’t anything around that offered what I was looking for, so I worked with some fantastic dance teachers to create Popdance!

The popularity of our classes soon grew, and we found ourselves launching in other areas around the UK.

This was closely followed by Popdance Kids, Popdance Tots, Popdance Seniors and also Teens and more dance teachers across the UK and even in the USA, Cyprus, Azerbaijan and Greece!

Now in our 10th year, we’ve got tried and tested formats, endless choreography, marketing and downloads, plus a fantastic professional and trusted brand.

The demand for Popdance has grown and we want to work with more dance teachers! Not only can we provide them with the full Popdance package, but we can also help them to promote any other dance genres that they offer!

Plus, we pass them paying customers – so our customers can work directly with the teachers and pay the right rates the for the right areas.

If you know any dance teachers in Enfield, or anywhere in the UK or the world, please do put us in touch – we’ve got customers waiting to Popdance and we are also very good at marketing dance teachers!

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