Rehoming our eBay Team

Posted on by The Nightingale of The Nightingale Cancer Support Centre

Hi everyone,

We desperately need your help finding a new home for our eBay Team.

Like so many charities and people in Enfield, the pandemic has had a major impact on The Nightingale particularly as we have had to alter how we work for the safety of clients, volunteers and staff.

We are currently looking for a new premises for our eBay Team, who due to Covid, had to be temporarily housed in our centre. We are working hard to reopen our centre to offer our clients face-to-face support again and urgently need to relocate our team.

We would be so incredibly grateful if you could help us in any way identify a suitable premises around Enfield we could use. It doesn’t need to be a big space, roughly 30 x 15ft and is easily accessible.

If you or someone you know owns or manages a vacant property or has a free space within a building and could offer us support. Please do let us know!

We urgently need your help and it would mean we can get back to supporting those affected by cancer as quickly as possible.

Please call 020 8366 9674. Thank you!