September Selfie Challenge – A Fab Collaboration

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OK, I’ll admit it, I’m cheating!


This is not a selfie of me at my business, but it does help me to show you what The Business Community Enfield is all about!  We LOVE helping local businesses to promote themselves, and although we usually do this through our standard website membership packages, we also like to get stuck in and help out wherever we can!


I heard about a group of local business peeps that had the idea of all collaborating on a photoshoot for free, in return for each gaining valuable photos of their products and services they could use to promote their business – FABULOUS IDEA!  I spoke with one of the organisers, ‘How do I get involved?’ I asked?


‘Well… we’ve got a photographer, a make-up artist, a jewellery designer, and a location all ready to go…  we’re just looking for someone willing to model in a wedding dress for us – any ideas?’  Errrr, hello?  I’m totally up for that!  Having just recently got married, I knew there was a good chance my dress would still fit (fingers crossed), and would love any excuse to wear it again!  ‘I’m IN!’


And this is the ‘selfie’ we took on the day… it was sooooooo much fun, and perfectly shows the power of being part of a fabulous business community.  Not only did everyone have a great day, we all mucked in and helped each other to get the perfect shots for their business.


So if you are looking for opportunities to meet other local businesses, get involved with collaborations, or just want some lovely people to bounce around ideas with, why not pop along to one of our FREE co-working / networking sessions (Jellies).  We LOVE meeting new people, and finding ways to help them with their businesses!


As we like to say – It’s A Team Thang!