Staying as healthy and safe as possible

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We caught up with Savi Tailor of Forever Living for tips and suggestions on how to stay healthy and safe especially at during the current climate:


Hi All,

I hope you’re all staying as healthy and safe as possible.

My name is Savi and I have my own health and wellness business with Forever that I work from home in Winchmore Hill. Despite the current situation and the world being on lockdown my business is still operational and my clients can still receive my help and support.

Right now I would love to tell you about a few products that I distribute that are really beneficial to us all.

Aloe vera drinking gel
This is 99.7% pure aloe vera and me and my family take it daily. (My girls drink one with additional peaches as it is more palatable!) The benefits of taking this are phenomenal. It helps support the immune system, gastrointestinal health, it also aids with macronutrient absorption and therefore has a knock on effect on supporting healthy skin, hair and nails.

Did you know that your gut wall houses 70% of the cells that make up our immune system?! It is shocking isn’t it? The food we eat not only feeds our bodies but it also determines what we are growing within our gut. Getting our guts into top condition is paramount to us staying healthy. If our guts aren’t happy and well then the likelihood is neither are we. So keeping that gut happy is top of my list for me and my family! We do this by drinking the aloe every day.

We also have various vitamins that I can advise people on if they are interested.

Aloe hand soap
Now more than ever, people are washing their hands so much that their skin is drying out. Our soap contains aloe and natural moisturisers so keeps your hands moisturised and clean. Not only can it be used as soap, but a cleanser, bubble bath, shower gel, shaving cream and to clean jewellery!

Aloe propolis creme
As people’s hands are so dry, they are getting so much relief from our propolis creme that helps moisturise and also acts a barrier cream.

I have only briefly described a few things here but my entire range can be found via People can order globally and can even work alongside me if they fancy a discount or want to create their own business.

I look forward to helping you with your health and wellness journey.

Your health is your wealth…remember that!