You Can Stop Smoking

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Really want to give up smoking?

If you are serious about kicking the habit, did you know that you can do it in just one hypnotherapy session with Bridgette Mansfield?

Yep, just one session!

Yep, you can then smell nicer

Breathe easier

Have more money

And be soooo much healthier!

With cigarettes costing well over £10 per pack, invest in one session with Bridgette and you will be saving yourself hundreds of pounds and giving yourself the best gift ever – better health!

Get in touch with Bridgette to have a chat about how it all works, what to expect and to find out whether it’s right for you

What do you have to lose?  Cigarettes! yay!

You can phone Bridgette on 07932 084321 or email her at

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