The hottest holiday trend right now!

Posted on by Keeley Brown of Not Just Travel - Keeley Brown


Did you know the hottest holiday trend is the Seacation!

Seacations are the holiday everyone is wanting right now and no wonder. From Adult only cruises to Multi-generational fun, from two night cruises to longer stays, the Seacation has everything and more.

In fact between June and September 2021 there will be:

🚢 Over 250 different cruises leaving from the UK
🚢 18 different cruise brands offering cruises
🚢 20+ cruise ships sailing the UK shores

Have you always wanted to try a cruise but never got around to it?

Are you struggling to find a suitable holiday in the UK this summer?

Perhaps you are just curious to know what it is all about?

If so, contact me today to find out more, you may be pleasantly surprised!

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