The TBC TLC Social Media Challenge

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We all know that social media is an important element of marketing our businesses here in Enfield, as well as anywhere in the world, it’s also an easy way of connecting us with other businesses for fantastic collaborations!

However, it can sometimes be difficult knowing what to say, coming up with content ideas and even when it comes down to posting, tweeting and uploading!

But never fear! The Businesses Community and Total Legacy Care are here!

We’ve teamed up with Neil and Leah at Total Legacy Care to bring you a social media challenge!


#TLCChallengeTBC – what on earth’s this all about and why should I bother to get involved?  Isn’t it just another thing to do?


It doesn’t have to be time consuming!

And, with Total Legacy Care’s ideas of what to post, it will now be even easier to be involved!

And, it’s totally worth it!

With Total Legacy Care, and us here at The Businesses Community Enfield AND with our partner TBC Communities, The Businesses Community St Albans and The Businesses Community Bedfordshire AND tons of our members getting involved, the potential reach for your posts are humungous!

Increase your social media audiences

Increase awareness of your business

Get your business noticed

Create fantastic connections

Meet other business owners

Meet potential clients

Be part of an exciting campaign, getting social with driven, passionate and enthusiastic businesses who want to help and support each other!

It all starts THIS THURSDAY 1ST NOVEMBER – check out the ideas for posts below and don’t forget to #TLCChallengeTBC

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Let’s get Social!


November 1st: Shout out your brand

2nd: People behind the brand

3rd: Why did you begin?

4th: Link to your website

5th: How was your brand born/created?

6th: When you are not working you are…

7th: Shout out a charity you love working with

8th: Best piece of advice for a start up

9th: Favourite quote

10th: Share your latest blog or article

11th: Share a family photo

12th: Best social media platform for your business

13th: Share your social media accounts

14th: Best thing about working on your business

15th: A business achievement you are proud of

16th: A review for a local business

17th: Where in the world is on your bucket list?

18th: Favourite music artist or band

19th: Top tip to help you relax at work

20th: Tell us how your product/service helps

21st: A local business that has brought value to me

22nd: My ideal contact to grow my business

23rd: A fun fact about the people behind the business

24th: Today I am….

25th: A month to Christmas, what’s on the wish list?

26th: Picture of your pet

27th: Your favourite supplier and why

28th: One goal I will achieve in the next 6 months

29th: Favourite Insta post you’ve posted

30th: Thank you #FunFriday