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It feels good to do the right thing, don’t you agree!

I don’t know about you but a small part of me hasn’t wanted to emerge from lockdown. I’ve enjoyed the slower pace of our personal lives, albeit offset by a slightly more manic business life with the constant travel changes 😊. I’ve loved the peace and quiet on the roads and dare I say it, even the skies!

But travel’s bouncing back, people are eager to start exploring what our wonderful world has to offer once again but is there a better way for us to travel and explore in a more sustainable way?

There certainly is!

Not Just Travel have launched a new Climate Hero initiative, to protect and restore our planet with every holiday booked, in partnership with Mossy Earth.

From seagrass meadows in Portugal to ancient woodlands in Scotland, Not Just Travel will be supporting environmental projects that are up to 30x, yes 30x more effective than most other offsetting initiatives.

How can you get involved?

When you book a holiday with me, a contribution is made towards our ‘Climate hero’ projects, 100% of your contribution goes here. I am also personally supporting this initiative with a monthly subscription and will keep you updated on how our contributions are making a difference.

We are in a defining moment of the climate crisis and we’ve all a duty to restore, protect and preserve this planet we all call home and love to explore. Even the smallest change will make a difference.

We only have one world and together we need to help make a difference.

Call me to find out more or read about it on my website.

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