What is Mobile Patrol Security?

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META: Mobile patrol security is a form of manned security, commonly used by commercial clients, whereby an officer physically patrols your premises.

Metropolitan security is a leading supplier of all types of security, including mobile patrols. A type of commercial security, mobile patrols are highly effective and a great option for all types of businesses, but few recognise the value in hiring mobile patrol officers because they’re not entirely sure what they actually do.

If you’re not sure what a mobile patrol officer is or how mobile patrols can help your business, keep reading as we explain in-depth everything you need to know about this form of security.

What is Mobile Patrol Security?

Firstly, it’s important to understand exactly what mobile patrols are. Mobile patrol security is a type of commercial security that involves an officer moving around your premises, signing in at various checkpoints as they perform physical inspections to ensure there is no damage, vandalism, or suspicious activity.

Mobile patrol officers typically work in conjunction with other forms of security, including CCTV cameras, alarms and floodlights.

Why are Mobile Patrols Necessary?

If your property already has a high-quality CCTV system and alarms fitted, you could well be wondering why mobile patrols are necessary. Well, CCTV cameras can only see so far. Whilst we always recommend them, they do have blind spots, and not all criminals are deterred by cameras alone.

As well as opportunist criminals, career criminals also operate and tend to target commercial properties. They are well versed in getting around security systems, and many are not put off by cameras for multiple reasons. Firstly, CCTV tends to be used after an incident has already occurred as a reactive tool. It doesn’t stop criminals in the act, and even if the cameras are being monitored, it still takes time for officers to be deployed.

Secondly, many companies have security cameras installed, but they are not always in working order. This is something criminals pick up on, meaning even if there are cameras mounted around the premises, some thieves and vandals won’t feel threatened by them.

The physical presence of a mobile patrol officer is a deterrent like no other. Officers are trained to be proactive rather than reactive, meaning if they do witness suspicious activity, they are trained to professionally diffuse the situation and prevent any further damage from being inflicted. Criminals are far less likely to strike if a physical guard is present, meaning mobile patrol officers are among the most effective security deterrents available to you.

What do Mobile Patrols Entail?

You might be wondering what a security officer does when they undertake a mobile patrol. Unlike stationary guards you’re used to seeing at the doors of shops and entertainment venues, mobile officers actively move around the property.

During our consultation with you, we will determine the routes that will benefit from routine checks the most. We will devise several routes, ensuring they are followed on a sporadic basis so that no patterns can be identified by undesirables seeking to establish patterns so they can best devise a way to get around the system.

Routes will be patrolled throughout the night – when your property is most vulnerable to attacks. Internal and external routes can be taken, and more than one guard may be employed depending on the size of the property.

Checkpoints can be installed along the routes so that a log is kept of the officer attending the property and at what time they completed their check. The checks in question will entail keeping an eye out for any signs of suspicious activity, as well as assessing the general perimeter.

Officers will look at doors and windows to spot signs of forced entry or compromised locks, and they will even look at plants and flowerbeds for footprints or other tell-tale signs of suspicious activity.

Who are Mobile Patrols Suited to?

If you are a business owner and have a commercial premises that you want to keep secure, mobile patrols are an option for you. From warehouses and manufacturing plants to construction sites and shopping centres, there is no commercial property that mobile security patrols can’t work for.

We often recommend mobile patrols for clients who want to employ a security guard but who don’t have the budget for a full time officer. Mobile patrols are a more cost-effective approach to manned security, making them a more accessible option.

Why Choose Metropolitan Security for Mobile Patrols?

There are endless options for mobile patrols, so why should you choose Metropolitan Security? Firstly, we have more than 35 years of experience in mobile patrols. This means our processes are extremely refined and we are among the most trustworthy and reliable security companies in the UK.

Secondly, all our officers are SIA approved. This means they are licensed by the Security Industry Authority, guaranteeing they are familiar with the most recent processes and protocols, and that they are professionally trained to diffuse situations should they arise.

In addition to the SIA license training our officers undertake, we also have a team of supervisors who further train our officers to ensure they meet our exceptionally high standards.

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