Team Up

Team Up with The Businesses Community

We know that some people can’t get to our Jellies during the day. “Team Up” was created for those that want to join us (but have busy days) to have an evening ‘Jelly’. We’ve made it more structured to fit into a 2 hour slot; 7-9pm on the first Thursday of the month. In addition, we’re ‘Teaming Up’ with our neighbouring St Albans group – see what we did there 😉

“Team Up” meetings are held at Torrington Hall on Holywell Hill, St Albans. There is parking on site, accessed from Belmont Hill

We’ll be there on:

  • Thursday 5th July
  • Thursday 2nd August
  • Thursday 6th September
  • Thursday 4th October
  • Thursday 1st November
  • Thursday 6th December

Tea, coffee, decaff (seeing as it’s the evening…) and biccies provided – YAY!

It’s all about finding out more about the people behind the business, what they are looking for, what they need help with, what we, as a team (#ItsATeamThang), can achieve by collaborating, sharing, helping and supporting each other.   Regular commitment to attending each month means we’ll be ensuring consistency, allowing you to really get to know each other, how we can all help each other, and how being part of TBC can help your businesses.

We will have different hosts, members can get involved, we will ask for your feedback – but most of all, it will give people the opportunity to get together, motivate each other and leave each month with something to achieve by the following “Team Up” – we love a bit of accountability!

We’re a really friendly bunch, so don’t worry if you don’t know anyone, you will do by the time you leave.

The way it works is pretty simple:

  • If you’re a member already, you can come for 1 month for free, to see what it’s like and whether it’s for you.  If you’re not a member yet, you can buy a one-off visit via our shop.
  • If you’re already a member and you think it’s for you, it’s then £20 per month with a minimum commitment of 6 months.  You can buy your subscription via the shop too (you must be logged in to your account to purchase it).
  • If you’re not a member and want to keep coming, you’ll need to become a TBC member first, and then buy your subscription.

We hope to “Team Up” with you soon!