20 quick business tips for 2020

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We’re officially on the countdown… it’s almost time for goodbye 2019, and hello 2020! And that’s a perfect opportunity to review and plan for a new, exciting and profitable year in business. We’ve pulled together a few tips, to help you along the way and get you thinking:



Taking a look back on how far you have come, your successes (and perhaps stumbles) is invaluable in helping you and your business continue to improve and move forward.

  • What was your biggest success, and how can you replicate it?
  • What was your best-selling product / service? (when you take a close look, the answer may surprise you!)
  • Is there a trend with the type of new clients you have gained in 2019?
  • Is there a trend in where your new clients have come from?
  • Was there a big mistake, or something you felt could have gone better? If so, what can you learn from the experience, and put plans in place to stop a repetition.



Consistency is key with marketing… They say your brand has to ‘touch’ someone 7 times before they buy into you/your product/services.

  • Do you have a professional logo and consistent brand look to your materials? If not, this is an area to seriously consider investment.
  • Do you have an online presence? In this day and age a website is not always essential, but being available online in someway is – social media is the answer…
  • Remember not all social media channels will work well for all businesses. Choose your medium wisely, and make sure you have the right audience for your business.
  • If social media scares you, take the time to look for some local courses – there are loads available, often for free if you look in the right places!
  • What marketing channels have worked well for you in 2019 (Networking? Facebook? Instagram? Word of mouth?)




They say look after the pennies and the pounds take care of themselves!

  • Do you know ALL the costs for running your business? And do you have a target of how many customers you need to turn a profit against this?
  • Have you got the right value on ‘Yourself’? Your time is valuable, make sure you are allowing a reasonable budget for any time you invest into your business.
  • Consider investing in an accountant to help manage your money – your time is better spent on the things you do well (your business) than worrying and trying to manage the books!
  • Are you paying for anything you simply don’t use, or use often enough to warrant the spend?
  • Is there a purchase you can make for your business that would really streamline your production rate? Consider investment, even if it’s a bit of a stretch right now!



First and foremost, we are parents! Trying to juggle a business and a family can often be tough, feeling like you are being pulled in all directions…

  • Do you ‘set’ your working hours, or try to squeeze business into an already hectic day?
  • Have you set realistic business goals that are achievable? Aiming too high can leave you feeling deflated in your efforts.
  • Consider having 2 ‘to lists’. One for business and one for home, to make sure you are keeping on top of all the important chores!
  • It’s easy to get caught up in the daily routine of family and business, make sure to take a ‘time out’ at least once a month and do something special for yourself.
  • Make sure you take the time to appreciate your successes, no matter how small.



  • Don’t take your customers for granted, make sure every single one is given your very best experience.
  • Ask where new customers have come from (learn what marketing channels are working best for you).
  • Encourage referrals from existing clients, and introduce a reward for making referrals.
  • Be positive, and think BIG!
  • Remember, everyone started somewhere… just keep going!


Here’s to a happy, prosperous and successful 2020!