3 Power Words when writing content

Posted on by Joolz of Joolz Joseph

You / Your

“You” and “your” are effective words to use when writing copy because they make your content personal to your reader. Customer centric writing is very powerful because it helps to create a connection. A good rule of thumb is to try and use the word “you” twice as much as the words “me” and “I” or “we” and “us”. So rather than “We offer at home meetings to suit your needs” you could say “To fit in with your busy lifestyle, you can meet with a consultant in the comfort of your living room”


Words like Special, Secret, Hidden, Forbidden, Revealed, Exclusive and Limited can make your offer feel extra special for the reader and can be especially powerful in headlines or headings.


Using the word “easy” makes it clear to the reader that your suggestions are not difficult.  This is particularly effective if you are writing to an audience that may be beginners as it can remove any concerns related to not being able to do something.