5 Do’s and Don’ts of email marketing from Joolz Joseph

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Do look at metrics over a time period rather than on an individual basis, especially when it comes to understanding how often you should send. A great example is to look at what percentage of your list have engaged in a 1 or 3 month period. If sending an extra email a week increases this, then do it. But if overall engagement /conversions in a month is the same whether you send 2 or 3 emails, you need to look at whether the extra effort is worth it.

Don’t  get caught up on industry benchmarking statistics and instead look to improve your own!

Do welcome new subscribers in a way that encourages interaction immediately as this will help with deliverability. A free download, a secret landing page or a unveil your offer code are all ways to kick start the relationship right.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew – start slow and refine your campaigns.  Whether you are starting with a newsletter style email (they have their place, especially for niche businesses, but do look at segmentation to improve relevance) or automations – look at results and tweak as you go.

Do look at authenticating your domain to improve deliverability.


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