5 Things you can do to save energy and help the environment.

Posted on by Christina Culora of UW

Wouldn’t it be great to get those energy bills lower? And also help the environment in the process?

Here’s 5 things you can do to do exactly that:

  1. Switch to LED light bulbs, they save up to 15% on your energy usage and your bill!
  2. Choose Green Energy- some energy companies are taking their environmental responsibilities seriously and are offering 100% renewable electricity.
  3. Put a jumper on, and socks!😂 it took me ages to get my husband to stop putting the heating up to 24C and walking around in his underwear😳 research shows for each degree you turn your thermostat down you’ll save 1% on your energy usage.
  4. Produce your own energy-having solar panels installed are a great way to save energy by making your own!
  5. Plant more trees🌳🥰 How would you like one planted on your behalf?


If you’d like to find out more about lowering your energy bills, helping the environment and getting cashback on your purchases, get in touch for a chat – it really does make a huge difference!