Creating your customer persona

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Do you know you you are marketing to? Who is your target persona?

Creating your Customer Persona is all about identifying your ideal customer. Some businesses will have one, others may have 3 or 4.  Your customer persona is specific kind of segmentation that can be useful in bringing your target audience to life, helping to target messaging and offers.

Follow this 5 step process to create your persona:

  1. Use whatever data you have to segment your client base looking at demographic data such as age/gender/location/status and look at the larger segments. If you don’t have any data then spend a few days asking customers some key info about themselves (you could do a survey using a free tool such as SurveyMonkey, but may need to incentivise responses). e.g. it may be 30-40 year old professional women; families within 20 miles of Enfield or Herts based retailers with less than one store
  2. Identify which segment is your ideal segment or segments – these are typically the customers that give the most value for your business either due to volume or frequency of spend. This will be your target segment.
  3. Personalise the segment so you can really get to know him or her better. e.g. Perky Patty, Yummy Mummy Kate or Retailer Rob
  4. Flesh out the details of this person including information such as  their name, demographics (age, education and family status), buying motivations, lifestyle traits, job details (if relevant) and why they interact with you. e.g. For a health and fitness club.  Motivated Mark is a male aged 25-40 who is single. He wants to look good, but also enjoys working out as a distraction from his job and to stay healthy instead of drinking. The club he uses for social as well as health reasons.
  5. Use this persona for the focus of all your marketing so you can streamline the messaging, offer and channel to best match their needs. e.g.  Newsletters should focus not just on new classes but healthy eating and drinking options available as well as any social evenings. Stay away from promotions for HIIT workouts, the new creche or beauty offers but the new Spa facility may be of interest.
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Good luck!