How can TBC help you and your business?

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What is TBC all about?

How did it start?

What do we do?

How can we help YOU and YOUR business?

It’s all answered in this handy little video created by the lovely Sue Wybrow from our sister group The Businesses Community St Albans – they did a live Q&A session last night, and there is some really helpful info that could help you and your Enfield business!

Whether you are an existing TBC member, or not one yet… grab a cuppa, take some time out, and enjoy!

This video was obviously created for the St Albans audience, but it all relates to us in Enfield too!  Some notes below, in case you were wondering…

Sue mentions prices as £199 per year and £17 per month.  The prices for TBC Enfield are a bargain at £165 per year and £15 per month for the ‘Get Out There’ membership!  These prices are until the end of December, and then will be going up to the same as St Albans… so if you are thinking about membership, get in there quick! Join us NOW!   AND, the price you join at is your price for LIFE – so you will never have to worry about price increases – YAY!

The Business Community Enfield Jellies are different times and locations to St Albans – can you find all the info you need about the Enfield Jelly dates and locations here

The Businesses Community St Albans have a publication called BizCom – this is not yet launched in Enfield… but watch this space, we may do this in the future 🙂

If you have any questions, please do contact us! – we are more than happy to help members and non-members alike with any queries, problems or suggestions they might have!