How do you cook your jackets?

Posted on by Christina Culora of UW

Who’s got a slow cooker!?!

After a discussion about jacket potatoes with a friend, she talked about slow cooking them😳 I had to investigate as I thought surely cooking jackets in a slow cooker for 4-6 hours would cost more in electric than doing it in the oven for 1 hour (or more if you don’t use the microwave)…❌ I’ll happily admit I was wrong!

So I discovered that the slow cooker would be between half to a third of the cost!😱 and potentially a lot less depending on how long you’d use the oven for, what a saving!🎉😘

My OCD side is gonna come out now, so my calculations are based on the article linked below, by using the average price per kw/h in the UK which is 14.37p

So electric oven uses on average 3,000w an hour= 43.11p for 1 hour, 86.22p for 2 hours!
Whereas a slow cooker will use 900w in 6 hours= 12.93p for 6 hours!
Even a bigger one on high uses 1250w= 17.96p
Or on low for 9 hours uses 1620w= 23.28p😱
I know what I’m gonna start using more of now