How Does #MagnetMonday Benefit My Business?

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You may well have seen photos of the TBC magnet outside businesses in Enfield, or with a random cat, or by the pool on holiday – but what is the actual point of #MagnetMonday and how does it benefit YOUR business?

Social media is about being sociable! It’s not about link-dumping, blowing your own trumpet or shouting “Buy My Stuff!”… it’s soooooooo much more than that.

Social Media is about building a “know, like and trust” relationship with your audience AND interacting with that audience – getting conversations going, posting interesting and useful stuff, photos and things that people relate to.  Letting us know what you are up to, or posing a question often gets a fantastic response.  Plus it tells us a little bit more about you – a little at a time.


Posted by TJ Hubbard ( with the comment “Gotta start the week right! For me that’s a double session day to get my sweat on.  How do you start your week in the right way?”

The TBC magnet also helps members to feel part of a “club”, that we are all here to help and support each other.  We often turn into the salesforce for the businesses within the group – it’s far better for other people to post about your business than it is for you to do it. Recommendations and word of mouth play a really important part in marketing your business – there’s nothing quite like it – so the TBC magnet is a fantastic way to promote, feature and share info about that business. Again, it can be different aspects of business – such as launch night, or a simple visit, or a particular product.

#MagnetMonday enables you to promote anything about your business (as long as the shot features a TBC magnet), as well as to promote other businesses.



Posted by Sue Kulle (, showing one of her fabulous floral displays!

And it’s not just about businesses, we encourage members to take their magnets on holiday with them, to concerts, to the park – we are all humans too, and we want to see places to go, things to do etc.  Sharing your TBC magnet piccies is a fantastic way to do this.

PLUS, #MagnetMonday piccies get shared by us and other members on social media and get featured in the ‘Where’s your The Businesses Community Magnet?’ Album of the Enfield Businesses Facebook page – so they may well turn up on social media again for years to come. All of which lead back to YOUR BUSINESS!



So, get involved! If you don’t yet have a TBC magnet, pick one up from the next jelly (check dates here), or become a TBC website member (details here).

Be part of a fantastic business community… share, chat, collaborate and support each other – yay!