Make the most of your TBC Membership!

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So you’ve joined up to The Businesses Community Enfield… great start, but what to do now?!

You can update your profile, and leave it there – or get yourself out there with our help!

Did you know The Businesses Community have created a ton of videos to help you understand all of the ways we can help your business?  And they live on our very own You Tube channel (TBC TV)?  If you haven’t already done so – check out these helpful bitesize chunk films in our ‘How can being a TBC member help your business‘ playlist.

And even better than that, did you know we run free workshops where you can come and ask questions, get tailored feedback relating to your business, and one-to-one help if you need it?

Kate Newman, of ‘What Katy Baked‘ fame recently attended one of the workshops, and here’s what she had to say:


Don’t forget the team are always on hand to help and answer questions… you just need to ask!  Just pop us an e-mail to