TBC Members October Promotion

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Here at TBC Enfield we love all things business, and we want to know more about YOU and YOUR business.  Marketing and consistency are key for any business, and we are here to help you with ideas on how to get your business out there.

Each month we come up with a challenge/promotion that TBC members can get involved with.  By taking part, not only does it get your business out there, but it’s the consistency that works… the “drip feeding” of information that soaks into the brain so that when people need a service or product such as yours, or someone they know does, they think of you and recommend you.

So, here is the ‘October Musical’ Challenge!

Is there a song that sums up your business / gets you motivated in your business? Upload it to the TBC website in the news section along with a short description and a link to your website (or where you want to take the reader).  We will then promote that to our ready-made, active and engaged social audience!!

Here’s a fave of ours over at TBC headquarters…


And if you need a hand uploading it to the website, give us a shout – we can help with that too!

#TeamThang #GetInvolved #DoIt


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