The Content Cocktail

Posted on by Joolz of Joolz Joseph

Content is core to your marketing these days and this cocktail is about getting the right mix of ingredients to serve something that looks good, tastes good and people want to share with friends (after all who likes to drink alone).

A shot of purpose – I recommend something inspirational, educational or aspirational but you will want to get more specific

2 dashes of value – it always tastes good to the customer so be sure to deliver
A large dose of engaging content – the key to the final offering is in the content
A dash of headline – something to make it stand out (a little grenadine drizzled through)
A slice of image -we do like a cherry on the side to look good

1.Start by mixing the purpose and the value until they blend nicely.  Whatever the purpose of your content make sure the value you are offering your consumers blends well or they will end up with a nasty taste in their mouth.

2.Add the engaging content and shake until well mixed. Once you have a great base shaking it together with content that is relevant and engaging with give a great mix

3.Stir in a headline. something colourful to get their attention and make it stand out!

4.Dress with a large slice of image to ensure it looks good – there is a reason cocktail bars have so many cherries, your drink needs to look good as well as taste it and a compelling image will help your content stand out in the clutter of the inbox and the news feed.

Get mixing and enjoy!