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Sometimes in life, or in business anyway, it’s easy sit back and watch the frantic world around us.  We look at what others are doing and wonder how they do it all?  And sometimes we put off doing what we know we should be doing for fear of getting it wrong!


Don’t!  You need to roll up those sleeves and go for it!


At The Businesses Community Enfield, it’s all about just that!  Business and Community!  We want to build something that will help, support and enable businesses in Enfield to get known, liked and trusted – no matter what size or where they were in their business journey.  For us, it’s all about the people behind those businesses.


So what does that mean for YOUR business?


We have created daily themes for our Facebook Group to give businesses ideas on how to engage, interact and demonstrate their expertise to a wide audience.  You don’t have to take part in them every day, and businesses are welcome to start their own conversations and posts within the themes – but we wanted to have a structure to enable us all to find out more about each other and what we do, and for that to turn into collaborations and actual business!


Here’s what we came up with:


#MagnetMonday – Post a piccie of your TBC magnet at your place of work or with something to do with your business, tag us and we will share – don’t forget to include a link to your website (which is all fabulous publicity, and the links make you more Googlicious!) and here’s how it benefits you and your business!




#TUWYDT – THIS ONE IS FOR MEMBERS ONLY!  We want to know what you do.  Each week, we want to learn more about you and your business.  It’s very rare that from one post, or one get together that people know or remember what you do.  Consistency is key in marketing and grab this opportunity with both hands to tell us something different about your business each week!  It can be a simple ‘Hello, I’m Sue from Popdance and we teach people from aged 3 to 103 dance routines to pop music from the 80s, 90s and 00s” – to photos of Popdance in action, to videos, to Facebook lives. Consistency, consistency, consistency!



#WednesdayWisdom – Share some wise words with us all… what motivates you, what drives you, what helps you to run your business?





#TUWYWT – What do you want for your business? How can we all help each other? Do you want an intro to the client you’ve been wanting to work with for ages? Do you want feedback on your website? Do you want to get together with other businesses? What do you want? How can we all help each other? Don’t forget, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!





#Blab on a Fab Biz – Who have you been working with that you want to give a massive blab to? Who do you want to say thank you to, or who do you want to tell the world about?






#ShopLocalSaturday – If you are a TBC member, show us your wares! Post on social media, tag us and we will share, or, if you are a Get Out There member, post a product or service in the TBC shop on our website and we will show your wares to our wide social media audience as well as our web audience #nobrainer!






PLUS – We occasionally will throw in a curveball, just to shake things up a bit:



#MondayMusings – What’s on your mind? What would you like to discuss, business-wise? What’s got your brain ticking and do you want to ask for others’ opinions, or gauge interest in a proposal – join in with our question of the day, or start your own!



#TuesdayTips – What can you share that could help someone else in their business? It could be an app you are using that you think is the best thing since sliced bread. It could be something you learned the hard way that you know you wouldn’t do again in business. It could be what keeps you sane. Anything that may help even just one other person.



#WednesdayWakeUp – We are halfway through the week and do you need a Wake Up Call? Are you on the road to what you wanted to achieve this week or are you putting things off? What can you do today that will get you even just one step nearer to your goal? We sometimes discuss other topics, such as #WakeUpToLinkedIn, or #WakeUpToDigitalAccounting that’s coming, you get the gist!


#ThursdayTeamwork – Who would you like to work with in business? Is there a connection where you can help each other? i.e. wedding planners, wanting to meet venues, or printers wanting to meet graphic designers. You never know who knows who and how connections happen – if you don’t ask, you don’t get!



#FridayFocus – Have you stayed focused this week? Achieved what you wanted to? Plus you can start a #FridayFocus or follow our suggestion… we may well focus on a particular subject, or focus on targets for the following week.




#SundayFunday – We like to get to know the people behind the businesses.  What are you up to in your spare time, or are you working today? #PeopleBuyFromPeople






Not yet a TBC member? What are you waiting for? Just do it! There’s tons of support, tons of marketing, tons of help!

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