Which electric Meter is right for you?

Posted on by Christina Culora of UW

Choose the right energy tariff

I come across many people on an Economy 7 meter for electric and it’s actually costing them more money!

An Economy 7 meter has 2 rates, day and night; the night is dirt cheap, but the day is very expensive. The idea is that you do all your electrical household duties during the night rate; washing machine, dish washer etc. However the hours are usually 11pm-6am or 12-7am, which most of us are sleeping then.

If you’re organised enough and also know how to program a time delay into your devices, it might be good for you, but in my experience most people just shove a wash load on when they remember, they don’t plan it out.

Economy 7 is best suited to those who have storage heaters and a hot water tank, as you heat them both through the night ready for the next day.

If you’re not sure if you have an economy 7 or if you should keep it, or you want to find out more about reducing your energy bills and helping the environment, then have a quick chat with me here