What to include in your profile

What to include in your profile

What makes a good profile on the website?  Well, potential customers want to know what you can do for them but a little bit about you as well so they can get to know you a bit.

In the summary it helps to answer the question What do I do? Think about the problems you solve, sentences starting with ‘I help…’ are great! as they really let people know what you can do for them at a glance.

Add in your own profile pic (people love to see the people behind the business so try to get a pic of yourself) and a cover photo so people can get a feel for your business.

  • Profile pic – something square will work best here
  • Cover image – make sure it will look okay on mobile, so don’t use any text that is too small.

If you don’t have an image to use or want to resize something, we highly recommend Canva (free service!) and you can set the image size in advance!

Complete the primary contact name and other business info. There is also space to add your logo and links to social media.

Under business type, feel free to add multiple groups – think what is relevant to your business.

In the About section answer 3 questions

  • How can I help?   You want people to go to your website, so be succinct with a summary of the products and services you offer an dhow they solve peoples problems or make their lives better.
  • Why do I do it? How did you get started in your biz, what makes you want to keep doing it?
  • How and where do I do it? Tell potential customers about your website or if you offer a service then explain the process you follow with clients.

If you have an email list – send people to the landing page to sign up.

Made a video? Include a link to it here as well!

Good luck