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The TBC website is here to showcase amazing businesses in Enfield!

• Do you have a product or service that you would like Enfield to know about?

• Do you run events that you’d like to invite people to?

• Would you like more people to know what your business offers?


Great, then you are in the right place!

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Simply upload the information you want us to share – whether that’s a product, a service, news, blogs, events, your expertise etc.

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Invest in your business

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Sit back and relax whilst we promote your business for you

We have a very limited offer for you to get you started and to get your business out there in Enfield and the surrounding areas.

We are offering full access to the TBC website for the first 100 businesses that join at just £99 per year – and that’s a fixed rate too – you will only pay £99 each year – it will never go up whilst you are a member with us! (usual rate is £25 per month!)

Why join The Businesses Community?

More Business

The more people see what you do, the more you build the whole know, like and trust – which leads to more business for you.

Marketing Support

Look out for our regular tips and ideas of how to really get your business out there

Google Loves….

Backlinks – another great benefit of featuring your business on our credible website.


It’s all about working together, helping and supporting each other in growing our businesses

And, did you know that we offer ALL charities FREE membership with us – get in touch at enfield@thebusinessescommunity.com to find out more

There are plenty of opportunities to get your business out there with TBC.

Whether you need help promoting a one-off event, or you need a hand with making sure your business gets seen frequently.

Choose from our “Pick & Mix” of services to suit your business when you need it.