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Being part of a fantastic business community is incredible for your business… and The Businesses Community (TBC) is THE place to be!

Get support, exposure, recommendations, camaraderie, knowledge, network, clients, profits, results!

You could try our “Get Started” Package, or go with the “Get Out There” Package for extra exposure for your business!

The “Get Started” Package!

  • Your business profile on the TBC Enfield website with links back to your site and your social media accounts (great for your SEO)
  • Your business in front of people looking for services/products such as yours
  • Access to the TBC Enfield Exclusive Members Only Facebook Group (a resource for help, support and advice from other local business peeps!)
  • Introduction for your business to our FB groups and all our Twitter and Instagram followers – #MeetOurMembers!
  • Unlimited posts in the members and Enfield Businesses facebook group
  • Share your videos on TBC TV
  • Discounts on TBC events
  • Access to TBC Masterclasses
  • Be part of an incredible Community

£75 per year

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The “Get Out There” Package!

All of the “Getting Started” Package above PLUS exclusive access to the TBC website where you can:

  • Share your top tips (sharing your expertise in your field helps people to understand what you do and that you are fabulous at it)
  • Share your business story (people want to know why you started and your journey)
  • Share your news (maybe you’ve completed the project of a lifetime, started working with your dream client, been nominated for an award? Let people know what great things are happening for you and your business)
  • Feature your products and services to the TBC shop – which links back to your website where people can make a purchase

All of which gets shared by us via social media, and you also feature links to your website which help with SEO (lots of our members get found higher on google rankings via our website!)

£199 or £18 per month (min 12 month commitment)

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The Businesses Community is THE place to be for your business!

  • How do people currently buy from you?
  • How do people find you?
  • How do people get to trust you enough to buy from you?
  • Is it recommendations?
  • Word of mouth?
  • How would it feel for you if someone else was recommending you?
  • That it wasn’t just you saying how brilliant you are.
  • What if people who hadn’t even met you, were telling others how fantastic you are, because they know, like and trust you through building a relationship in our community?


  • Get More Clients
  • Get More Money
  • Get More Colleagues
  • Get More Support
  • Get More People To Delegate To
  • Get More Out Of Life
  • Get More Time
  • Get To Your Goals
  • Get A Team (not THE A Team but we are pretty damn close!)
  • Get What You Want For YOUR Business!

We have packages to suit all businesses at whatever size they are or whatever stage of their journey they are at!

St Albans Businesses was the start of The Businesses Community, then came Enfield Businesses, and now we have TBC Bedfordshire. We also have other Facebook Groups growing their communities ready for full launch – which is rather exciting! For Enfield Businesses, or “The Businesses Community Enfield” (TBC Enfield) membership is open to anyone who has a business in Enfield. That can be a business based in Enfield, an outlet in Enfield or has a strong customer base in Enfield.

The aim of TBC Enfield has been to build a community of business people who can work alongside each other here in North London. As part of that community we’re stronger – we care about each other, our businesses, where and how we work. As the TBC Enfield community has grown, members have formed collaborations we would never have dreamed of, been supported through challenging times and celebrated our achievements every step of the way. We hope that answers the ‘why join’ question – but if you want to know more, we’re happy to have a chat or put you in touch with one of our members who can tell you what membership has done for their business.

Join an incredible business community!