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We bring local businesses to local people!

And we’ve been doing it since 2016!

We will put your business in front of thousands of local people!

Every single month!

For £99/year!


So how does it work?

Step 1: Send us up to 40 words, an accompanying image and a call to action link

Step 2: There is no Step 2 for you – we do the rest!

That’s it!


So what does it mean for YOUR business?

Becoming a TBC member means:

More people knowing who you are

More people knowing what you do

More people getting to know you on a regular basis

More people getting to trust you

More people recommending you

More people connecting with you

More people buying or working with you!


Our Story

As a business owner myself, (Chief Legwarmer Wearer at Popdance World) I wanted to form relationships with other business owners

To be able to chat with like-minded people

I wanted to share the wonderful service that we were providing at Popdance

I wanted to have support and know that we weren’t alone

And I wanted to be able to do that in a simple way!

And I knew plenty of business owners who felt the same way!

So, St Albans Businesses was born!

We’ve since grown two further communities, one here in Enfield and the other, across Bedfordshire, with growing communities in Welwyn & Hatfield and Milton Keynes – so we had to re-address the company name. That’s when we became The Businesses Community.


We then put all the news together in one simple email and send it to  inboxes across Enfield

We also promote it across our social media channels:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

Plus, the news remains on our website for future reference and reminders

Want this for YOUR business?

And, it’s just £99 for the whole year or just 11/month!

Super simple, effective marketing for your business!

Put your business in front of thousands of potential clients now

Can't wait 'til next month?

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